Welcome to the Online Toolbox at Capacity Center

Hey there! We at the “Online Toolbox” here at Capacity Center welcome you to our new website! We’re glad you are here, and you should soon be noticing a growing number of helpful tips written for customers. Our knowledge base will be searchable in the navigation bar (or even in the sidebar). We advise entering the broad topic of the type of information you are seeking.

For example, instead of searching for something like “what type of bit do I use to anchor a drywall screw,” you might search a more simple term such as “drill bits” or “drywall screw.” Once you enter a search term, any articles that include that topic and/or term should show up in your page results. Then, you can navigate to the article that most closely suits what you are looking for.

Of course, we’re just starting out, so it may be a little while before you can search that deeply, but hopefully you get the idea of the direction we’re going in! See ya back here real soon!

PS: BTW, in case you really were wondering about a common drywall screw, typically a #2 Phillips Drywall bit tip will do the trick!